Share this Milestone with the Graduates of 2018

May 6th, 2018


As the Church, let's stop looking at Graduation as a finish line. Instead, let's view it as the starting line to adulthood. As the graduates are stepping into this new world, most relationships in their lives are fading. As their Church, we need to help them more than ever. Will you commit to being a life line for a few seniors the next 2 years, as they step out of High School & into the World? 


Senior Sunday: May 6th

Senior Lunch: For Seniors & Families after church on May 6th.

Crew United- Senior Celebration: Wednesday May 30th


Senior Sunday

All Graduating Seniors will be recognized during the Sunday Morning Worship Service. Marcus will preach a sermon about Paul & Timothy. Paul was there for Timothy as he was beginning his ministry. We want to make sure every senior has a "Paul" before they graduate.

Senior Lunch

Seniors, their families, and our leaders are invited to a lunch after church on May 6th. We will share memories, inspiration, and connect students to their "paul".  At this lunch, each Leader will give their contact information to a few seniors. We will encourage the seniors to contact their leader if they need anything at all the next 2 years. We also expect the leaders to check in with the graduates, send care packages, etc. Be their Paul. 

Crew United: Senior Celebration 

On Wednesday, May 30th, we are going out with a bang! We want to celebrate the end of the school year & we want to celebrate these graduates alongside their peers. This will be in the Sanctuary with a band, speaker & Games. As the Graduate's Leader, this is a great opportunity for one last encouragement.  


Contact Card Form

If you would like to be a "Paul", fill out the form below. I will be making contact cards for you to hand to any senior you would like. If you and your spouse would like to share a card, enter both of your information on 1 form. If you would like separate cards, enter 2 forms. Please submit your form by April 25th to allow time to create cards. Thanks!

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