Number Our Days

“They grow up so fast.”
“They will be grown before you know it.”
“Don’t Blink!”

As a dad of 3 kids, I hear these sayings every time I’m in public. They always come from adults who have seen their own kids grow up too quickly. They see our 3 kids and feel the need to warn us to take advantage of the time we have with our kids, because the amount of time we have with them is limited.

To be exact, as a parent, we only have 936 weeks with our kids from birth to graduation. We only have 936 weekends to spend time with our kids while they are at home. By the time they get to 4th grade we will only have 468 weeks left. 364 weeks for 6th graders. 208 weeks for 9th graders. 104 weeks for 11th graders. Depressed yet?

The goal is not to depress parents everywhere. The goal is to remember as a parent that our days are numbered. Psalms 90:12 says, “Teach us to number our days, that we may get a heart of wisdom.” When I remember that my days are numbered with my kids, I become much more intentional with the time I do have with them. I become much more patient as my kids learn new things. I become much more loving when my kids are in need of my attention.

When we number our days, we become more intentional about…
Watching our kid’s games
How we spend Saturdays
Driving them to school
Helping them with their homework
Going to church as a family
Tucking them into bed
Eating meals together

None of us are going to be perfect parents. However, one thing we can control is that our kids know that we love them. We can make sure that we give our kids our best. We can avoid the regret of not using our limited time wisely while raising the next generation.

Our kids are the future, but we are the ones that equip them. Let’s join as parents, churches, teachers, and other leaders to create a better future for our community. We are constantly losing time with the kids in our life, so let’s be intentional with the time we have left.

Drew Allen
Education Pastor