Love in Action

Have you ever dealt with a difficult person? You might be thinking, “every day!” Whether it’s a boss, co-worker, family member, spouse, or acquaintance, we all deal with people that are hard to get along with. Usually, our response when these people hurt us is to hurt them back. The Bible teaches us that there is a better way to deal with these difficult people in our lives. 

In 1 Samuel we see that David dealt with a difficult person as well. After killing Goliath, David was brought into the kingdom, quickly rising in rank. After becoming successful as the commander of King Saul’s army, people began to respect David more than the king! This wasn't going to fly. King Saul was completely overcome with jealousy and hate, throwing spears at David multiple times, using his own daughter as a spy, throwing a spear at his own son for taking up for David, and chasing David through the wilderness with his army. Finally, in 1 Samuel 24, we see that Saul had caught up with David but was in a compromising position. Saul went into a cave to take a break, but David and his men were in the same cave! David’s men told him to go kill Saul. David refused. When David confronted Saul, he showed him that he could have killed him but instead David showed grace. 

We have people in our lives that are throwing spears at us. Our natural response is usually to pick them up and throw them back. Scream back, talk behind their back, complain about them! Instead, we can learn from David and show grace. When we do this God can use us to change that person’s character while he uses the experience to change our character as well. Consider it joy when you go through trials. God is improving your character and making you more like Christ. 

-Drew Allen (Student Pastor)